Galax Voters Decide Today On Power Plant

GALAX, (AP)--After a spirited campaign, Galax voters will decide today whether they want a municipally owned electric power plant or to continue as subscribers to the service supplied by the Appalachian Electric Power Company.

Casting their ballots in a special election authorized by the court, voters will determine whether the town shall float a bond issue of $158,000 to match a PWA grant of $129,000 which the Government has approved for the erection of a municipally owned electric system.

The Appalachian company has a franchise on service in Galax which does not expire until 1942.

Site Selected

A proposed site for the plant already has been selected near the south corporate limits of the town.

The bond referendum was opposed vigorously by the power company in court, but the concern's objections were overruled by Judge Walter H. Robertson, sitting for Judge John H. Draper, who disqualified himself because he formerly represented the Appalachian.

Since the election was allowed by the court, a warm campaign has been waged by representatives of the power company and proponents of the municipal plant.