Co-op's Lines Moving Forward

CHARLOTTESVILLE--Construction of the Central Virginia Electric Co-operative's lines through Rockfish Valley is progressing rapidly, with wires having been strung as far as Martin's store, at the intersection of Routes 6 and 151, a short distance south of Greenfield.

Several side lines to serve customers not living near the through line also are being constructed in the territory between Afton, atop the Blue Ridge, near the Albemarle line, and Greenfield, it was said yesterday. The digging of post holes is understood to have progressed through the Brent's Mountain section.

Actual erection of the line was begun on Saturday, August 13, with the placing of first poles, beginning near Afton, where the line joins with the Virginia Public Service Company's line across the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Rockfish Valley project, extending from Afton through Brent's Mountain and Tye River sections to Tye River, is approximately 85 miles in length. A 33-mile line of the Co-operative is also being built from Appomattox to Gladstone.

Co-operative officers have said the Rockfish Valley line can be energized as soon as the line is erected as far as Brent's Mountain.