Introduction to the New Deal in Virginia

"The Ground Beneath Our Feet" is a series of documentary films and accompanying web sites that explore the history of Virginia since the Civil War. This is the first episode in the series. The series is produced by George H. Gilliam and William G. Thomas, and by CVETC Richmond. Octagon Multimedia Productions produced the content and all materials for the web site to accompany the film.

Episode One--"New Deal Virginia"--tells the story of rural Virginians in the New Deal era and the changes that the New Deal brought to Virginia. It is a story of rural Virginians suffering at the hands of federal and state authorities, as they made way for the new park to be created on their home sites. It is also a story of rural Virginians benefiting greatly from the largess of the New Deal, as they took advantage of the opportunity that the Rural Electrification Act offered them. Most of all, it is a story of rural Virginians taking matters into their own hands, reshaping their world and brightening their future.



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