Virginia Fights: World War Two
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"The crew of the USS SOUTH DAKOTA stands with bowed heads, while Chaplain N.D. Lindner reads the benediction held in honor of fellow shipmates killed in the air action off Guam on June 19, 1944." July 1, 1944.
"Two soldiers gather up their baggage as transportation arrives to take them to their outfit on Guam. Another soldier sits disconsolately awaiting further orders of transportation."
"A Water Buffalo, loaded with Marines, churns through the sea bound for beaches of Tinian Island near Guam. July 1944."
"First flag on Guam on boat hook mast. Two U.S. officers plant the American flag on Guam eight minutes after U.S. Marines and Army assault troops landed on the Central Pacific island on July 20, 1944. Batts."

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