Virginia Fights: World War Two
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"Marlene Dietrich, motion picture actress, autographs the cast on the leg of Tec 4 Earl E. McFarland at a United States hospital in Belgium, where she has been entertaining the GIs." November 24, 1944.
"Men of the 8th Infantry Regiment attempt to move forward and are pinned down by German small arms from within the Belgian town of Libin. Men seek cover behind hedges and signs to return the fire. Gedicks, September 7, 1944."
"Yanks of the 60th Infantry Regiment advance into a Belgian town under the protection of a heavy tank. Spangle, September 9, 1944."
"A Nazi soldier, heavily armed, carries ammunition boxes forward with companion in territory taken by their counter-offensive in this scene from captured German film. Belgium, December 1944."

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