Virginia Fights: World War Two
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"Japanese plane shot down as it attempted to attack USS KITKUN BAY." Near Mariana Islands, June 1944.
"With a canvas tarpaulin for a church and packing cases for an altar, a Navy chaplain holds mass for Marines at Saipan. The service was held in memory of brave buddies who lost their lives in the initial landings. Sgt. Steele, June 1944."
"Army reinforcements disembarking from LST's form a graceful curve as they proceed across coral reef toward the beach. Laudansky, Saipan, ca. June/July 1944."
"A member of a Marine patrol on Saipan found this family of Japs hiding in a hillside cave. The mother, four children and a dog, took shelter from the fierce fighting in that area. Cpl. Angus Robertson, June 21, 1944."

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