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J.W. Parrish to his Sister, April 14, 1861

MSS 1035
Special Collections Department, University of Virginia

Richmond City, April 14th 1861

Dear Sister:

I received your letter dated April 4th, and it is hardly necessary to say that I was exceedingly glad to hear from you all. I am still in Richmond, and do not positively know that I shall leave for a month, unless my services shall be required in South Carolina, or some other point, when I will leave on very short notice. You have heard, no doubt, that the troops in Charleston have attacked Fort Sumter and last night they had quite a jollication on the receipt of the news that the Fort had been taken yesterday. There was about 100 guns fired in consequence. Considerable excitement exists throughout the city.

I am in tolerable health, and very anxious to see you all very much.

Give my love to Martha and Kie and all friends and acquaintances.

Remember me to Miss Nancy, and tell her that before long I will be home to greet you all.

Give my best respects to the two girls on Buck Island, and say to them for me that they do not wish to see me more than I do them.

Please let me know when you answer whether you are at the same place you were when I left, and if you are not, write me where you are now, and who you are boarding with.

When you write again, do a little better than you did last, as you certainly did not have time or would not take time to write to me.

Give to my love to all the Union boys and friends everywhere.

Write soon, and let me hear from you all.

Yours affectionately,
J.W. Parrish