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J.W. Parrish to his Sister, May 10, 1861

MSS 1035
Special Collections Department, University of Virginia

Richmond City,
May 10th 1861.

Dear Sister:

I received one letter in answer to the first one of mine, which I answered again immediately, and to my last letter I have never received anything from you. I had hoped you would be the last to forsake or forget me, and I can scarcely believe it yet, so I hope for the best, let what will come.

I am enjoying my health tolerably well, and I hope this may find you in the enjoyment of good health and spirits, and also all our friends.

The war fever is still raging in the city, and times are very exciting. You need not answer this, because I do not know but I shall go away in a few days, and I do not know now where I shall go. But wherever I go, you may expect to hear from me soon, when I hope you will return me an answer. In consequence of the troublesome times, I do not know when I shall get home. Indeed if they continue, I don't know if I ever shall return.

Give my respects to Martha, Kie, and all the family, together with all enquiring friends.

Give my love to mother, and tell her I don't know when I will be home now.

The soldiers are encamped around Richmond, and are coming and going here and there every day from all quarters of the country. If there is a letter in the Post Office for Miss Eliza Fillmore, please get it out and send it to her, also, giver her my respects, and say to her for me that I shall be very glad to see her.

Tell Miss Eliza to say to Virginia and Betty that I send them my respects and that if I ever get on the Old Island again, I will not soon leave it.

Yours, affectionately,
J.W. Parrish