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Lawrence Pitman to O.P. Smith, March 11, 1861

MSS 10616
Special Collections Department, University of Virginia

Hope Mills; Va: March 11th 1861

O.P. Smith Esqr.

Dear Sir,

Yours of the 3rd inst. was duely recd and its contents noticed; our mutual friend J.S. Menifee paid me five hundred & sixty two dollars for which I gave him a receipt and credit on the bond which in these extraordinary Black Republican times is doing tolerably well, from the tone of Old Abes inaugeral, we will have more use for lead and steel then we will have for money, let him up; President Davis will meet him, and give him fits too. What do you think of the Majority of our Va. Convention trying to establish a Middle Confederacy, carrying out Judge Douglass scheme. I believe he is the spirit behind the throne, controling it. Gov. Letcher is playing to his hand their ambition is to rule this Middle Confederacy. I am a small atom, and it will make but little difference to all the world, and the balance of man kind; where I am but before they establish that Middle concern; I will try to get as near the heart of the Southern Confederacy as I can. I am with them in sentiment and feeling and I will be with them as soon as I can get in Ship shape; I am quite impatient for old Abe to go South, to collect revenue, and recapture the forts. Then I want to see President Davis march his army to Washington City and take it, you would see Old Abe and his Black Republican crew fly like scud before the Moon; he won't take time to examine, to see if there are any infernal Machines under the seats to blow him up, My humble opinion is if Virginia does not pass an ordinance of cecession a large number of the good citizens will, enough of this for the present. The wheat crop here is very promising and I hope it is with you and your neighbours, the general heath of this County is good at present. My kindest regards to all enquiring friends particularly Dickinsons, Weirs & (illegible).

Yourself & family will please accept assurances of my highest reguards

yours Truly

Lawrence Pitman

O.P.Smith Esqr.