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The Staunton Spectator, January 22, 1861, p. 1, c. 3

God Save Our Noble Union.

It came to us in darkness
It came to us through blood;
It shone out like the "Promise
Of God" upon the flood.
A Beacon--it has served us
With true, unerring flame,
And cast a blaze of glory
Upon our nation's name!
God save our noble Union!

'Twas left us by our fathers,
Those souls of priceless worth--
The noblest types of manhood
That ever walked the earth.
'Twas bought with fearful struggles,
By sacrifice sublime,
And stands a proud momento
For all the coming time--
God save the noble Union!

Our land a waste of nature,
Where beast and savage strayed;
Its wealth of lakes and rivers
Unlocked by keys of trade;
Then sunlike rose the Union--
A terror to our foes--
And lo! this "waste of nature"
Now "blossoms as the rose!"
God save our noble Union!

Where earth lay hid for ages
In deep primeval gloom,
Behold a boundless garden--
A continent in bloom!
With iron bands of railroads,
Electric tongues of wire,
And energies within us
Which time shall never tire--
God save the noble Union!

But now upon our heaven
Are signs of coming storms;
And dark unholy passions
Unfold their hideous forms.
The bravest hearts among us
Are filled with doubt and fear;
While sounds of horrid discord
Are grating on our ear--
God save the noble Union!

The hallowed flag that bore us
So proudly through the wars--
Is there a hand would sever
Its sisterhood of stars!
Great God! can we so blindly
Cast all Thy gifts away?
Or throbs there in this nation
One heart that will not pray--
God save our noble Union!