Poll Shows Venable School Parents Favor Integration

Fifty-eight per cent of parents with children at Venable School who took part in a Parent-Teacher Association poll prefer some measure of integration to a closed school. Forty-two per cent would rather close Venable than integrate.

Three hundred five, or 67 per cent, of the 456 parents questionnaire replied to the PTA questionnaire. On hundred fifty-one 33 per cent, did not answer.

Results of the poll were released today by the executive board of the Venable PTA, which conducted a poll by mail of parents of all children attending the school. The choice between integration and a closed school were the only choices listed on the questionnaire.

Officers of the PTA met yesterday to tabulate results of the questionnaire mailed to the parents last week. Of the 459 letters mailed, three were not delivered because the addressees had moved.

Of the 456 who received the questionnaire, 177 parents, constituting 39 per cent of the total, prefer some measure of integration at Venable to closing the school. And 128--representing 28 per cent of the total--prefer to close Venable rather than integrate. Thirteen parents, or 3 per cent, returned the questionnaires without checking a preference; and 128, or 30 per cent, did not answer.

Results of the study have been mailed to members of the Charlottesville School Board and to School Supt. F.R. Ellis. Ellis and School Board Chairman R. Staney Goodman Jr. had no comment this morning on the poll.

Venable is one of three city schools to which negroes have applied for admission in September. Nine children applied for admissions there through an attorney, along with six seeking admission to McGuffey and 11 to Lane High School. The 26 applications were accompanied by a joint petition and a letter from NAACP attorney Oliver Hill requesting School Board action on the applications.

Four other children were registered at Venable by their parents, who appeared in person at the school during registration week.

The School Board has not taken any action on the applications.